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​Transforming Great Strategies into Genuine Results

The Best Solutions Start 

With Great Questions

D Buck Consulting Group provides management consulting services for organizations driven to make a difference in the lives of others. The consulting group offers the following service lines. 

Customized Leadership Development 

Leadership Development programs customized to meet the organizational challenges of today.  All programs are designed to engage, excite and empower participants long after the coursework is completed.  

Team Meeting

ELEVATE Your Organization 


Collaborative Business Advisory Services

Offering strategic, unbiased, and objective advisory services, utilizing performance improvement methods and proven practices to optimize organizational structures, processes, people, and workflows.


Interim Operational and Executive Management Services

  • ​Short-term interim leadership to stabilize an organization, division, or department. 
  • Immersive leadership development for the length of the engagement.
  • Assessment and support needed to understand and align organizational culture. 
  • Designing simple, continuous, and results-oriented performance management systems.

Organizational Change  and Implementation Services 

Execution of a stated strategy or operational initiative requires a comprehensive understanding of the linkage between people, strategy, and the operating plan. 

Every engagement is an opportunity for us to transfer knowledge and guide the organization using proven frameworks and fundamental building blocks for getting things done and done well.

Projects are increasingly driving both short-term performance and long-term value creation. As organizations adopt project-driven structures, executives and managers will be asked to develop new capabilities in modern project management.  Customized project support can include:

  • Conducting change readiness assessments 
  • Preparing the organization for change
  • Facilitating focus groups
  • Developing project requirements, planning, measuring progress
  • Optimizing project team dynamics

Project Management Support

Managers are the essential driving force of any organization, and they need support today! 


The role of the manager has been shaped and reshaped constantly over the past decade, resulting in more responsibility for achieving measurable results and greater expectations from the workforce they lead.

In a recent study by Gartner, HR executives report that 68% of their managers are overwhelmed and yet, only 14% of their organizations have taken steps to alleviate the burdens for their managers. Now is the time to transform the role of the manager before we are faced with a crisis of leadership on the front line. 

By taking an inclusive data driven approach we can design a structure that leverages people, processes and technology to meet the challenges of today with the agility needed for tomorrow.   

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